Low Emphasis on Earth Element

One way to approach and think of the manifestation of a low emphasis on the earth element  is to think of the “earth houses” – some astrologers don’t believe in classifying the houses into the various elements. The earth houses are 2nd, 6th and 10th. Approaching our interpretation based on these houses is a great way to draw out the archetypal energies. (more…)

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Grand Trine in Air

Air represents ideas, concepts, communication, the mind, a medium for connections between different entities. Unless there are contradictory factors, when there’s a grand trine in air, ideas and words flow easily for the person. They are comfortable with their intellectual ability. They enjoy mental stimulation and discussions. They enjoy learning. They are likely to do well in social situations. They will seem very natural to the person. So natural that they might take it for granted, not capitalize on it and do nothing with it. Air belongs to the realm of the mind. Unless there’s earth and fire to bring the ideas into reality, into a tangible form. Or there’s hard aspects involved with Mercury or something about the 3rd or the 9th house.  (more…)

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