Venus Square Pluto Synastry

Not a “good” aspect. Reminds me of Persephone and Hades where the former is taken away by force.

Venus seems to be on “losing” end here because of the sheer power of Pluto. Besides, Venus is seen as a soft and yielding planet.

Love could be jealous, manipulative, possessive.

Personal values, self-worth could be subject to an overhaul or reconstruction, perhaps against one’s will.

Money, possessions or anything pretty could be affected. I imagine Venus = money, possessions and Pluto as having a burning or swallowing up effect.

Sexual relations may be rather forceful, demanding with Venus on the shitty end of the stick.

The interpretations above sound rather fatalistic. I suppose life is fatalistic if left to our “natural” self. With a square, there’s always the opportunity for adjustment. However, adjustment i.e. to change our thoughts, behaviour, etc is usually not an easy task. Awareness, prayer and patience may help in the adjustment process.

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  1. Fat bitch

    nothing lasts forever – even Venus/ Pluto connections – it will fizzle out once it’s run it’s course. And all parties will be free to move on

    1. admin

      Ditto. What is constant is change.

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