Now When will I have a Baby?

This is a continuation from yesterday’s chart. The woman has used the Coil as a birth control device. She had it removed and asked Appleby when she would have a baby.

If I was in Appleby’s shoes, I would decline to answer the question out of prudence. When Saturn is in retrograde and in the ASC, seldom anything or nothing good comes out of the matter posed. I could certainly answer the woman which would require tremendous sensitivity.

In any case, the prudent answer would be “It’s too early to tell.” It seems that the woman contacted Appleby almost immediately after her operation, hadn’t had any intercourse with her husband and asked Appleby for the timing of the baby. But it’s interesting to note that she is now “fertile”. [Very early ASC, ASC in Cancer, a water sign]

[5th cusp is still in Virgo although it’s at the end degrees, so a change is impending but not yet. 5th ruler, Mercury has moved away from the Sun but still in combustion. So, this adds to the judgement of not yet. The Sun rules the 3rd and 4th. So, the private thoughts and talks are creating a very stressful environment for a baby to be created.

Moon separated from the Sun and is angular as well. Incidentally, it’s a new Moon in the horary which is supposedly malefic i.e. seldom anything good will come out of the matter. Moon rules the 1st and 2nd house. So, the woman is thinking about her body and the birth control device that’s been removed from her body. It is disposed by Saturn.

Saturn rules the 7th to 10th house. It seems that the husband has a very influential role in the question. It’s almost as if he calls the shots. However, Saturn is on the fixed star Sirius. This suggests that the husband is wealthy and of a good reputation – hmmm, and perhaps refused to put on condom and had her wife to be on the cord]

[Learning point – Venus and Jupiter are the natural significators of fertility and children respectively. In this chart, both are essentially strong and placed in an angular house. This holds the promise of the querent giving birth in the future, if not now. Appleby stated that the client wasn’t happy with his response. The client shortly after had a miscarriage and then had a healthy baby 14 months after the first question – see yesterday’s post was posed to him. I wonder the 14 months comes from the nearly 7 degrees between Venus and Jupiter i.e. 7 months and another 7 more months as a premature baby]

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