Will I Have a Baby this Year?


[ASC is in an air sign. 5th is in Virgo, a barren sign. 1st and 5th ruler is the same – Mercury in an air sign. The Moon, co-significator of the querent is in a water sign which makes her “fertile” although there’s going to be a change in her life very soon.

There’s no aspect between the Moon and Mercury.

1st and 5th ruler, Mercury is in peregine. Nothing much is happening. It’s in retrograde, heading towards the Sun and under combustion. The Sun is in its fall but angular. The Sun rules the 4th house. So, the querent is heading towards a private event, something unknown to others. Sun is on the 10th cusp so it seems like some medical intervention of some sort. As the Sun is disposed by Saturn in Cancer in 2nd, whatever is involved involves money or an object, a shield of some sort (Saturn) against fertility (Cancer)?

Let’s look at the separated aspects made by the Moon:

Moon trined Jupiter which rules the 11th and 7th. The woman approaches his husband about her hopes and wishes.

Moon squared Mercury which rules the 1st and 5th. An event that involves her body and children, sex. Possibly a medium (Mercury) that is an actual object that acts as a shield against her egg being fertilised. Mercury is disposed by Saturn in 2nd in Cancer.

Future aspects made by the Moon:

Moon squares Venus in 11th.┬áVenus is in the same agree as the nodes. So there’s something significant about Venus, almost involving fate and destiny. Venus is exalted and rules the 6th and intercepted 12th. Something beautiful of good quality that concerns her health and is hidden. I wonder whether that something arises from service and duty to her husband and her hopes and wishes or at the advice of a friend?]

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