Am I Pregnant?


I doubt the usefulness of such questions in this day and age where pregnancy test kits can be bought easily at a reasonable price. However, they are useful to practise the art of horary astrology which builds up skills for answering complex questions.

She’s thinking of being a mother, as part of her social status and having a child is her wish. [1st ruler in 10th, 5th ruler in 11th. 1st ruler is disposed by 5th ruler. Venus is disposed by the dignified Moon.]

[ASC, 5th cusp, 5th ruler are in fire signs, not the fertile water signs. 1st ruler is not in a water sign either. There’s no aspect between the Sun and Jupiter. There’s no aspect between the Moon and Jupiter as it’s out of 10.5° orb. There’s no aspect between the Moon and the Sun as it’s out of 13.5° orb too. The Moon doesn’t aspect the 5th nor the 1st.]

There was a recent impression, yearning for a child. [Jupiter applies to Saturn by square in its sign of fall next. There’s no baby. Jupiter separates from a trine to Neptune recently.]

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