Horary: Will Peter Lose his Job?


It’s actually too soon to tell. However, based on the cosmos at this point in time, it appears that Peter will lose his job but not so soon. [Early Ascendant. 10th is in 25 degrees. It’s near the end but not the end yet. South Node sits directly on the 10th cusp. MC is also in the same degree as the nodes which Barbara Watters claims as unfortunate.]

His job situation is not the best. It’s getting worse actually. There’s something about his job that’s kept hush-hush. The job is likely a source of distress to Peter. [10th ruler Saturn is in Virgo i.e. in its term – not dignified. In retrograde. In 4th. Travelling at average speed. 4th house. Saturn in fixed star Denebola.]

Someone from a hospital got in touch with the company. Difficult or challenging conversation. [Venus applies to Saturn by square with no major reception.]

There’s uncertainty or a transition in daily work followed by a speedy termination at work. I wonder whether Peter has any health concerns? [Moon applies to Neptune in retrograde in 6th  by square and then sextiles Uranus in retrograde in 6th. Uranus represents cuts to me.]

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Extracted from Derek Appleby’s Horary Astrology

[Interestingly, Appleby uses the 11th to signify Peter. My personal view is that Appleby identifies with Peter, a colleague. The author can’t affect or influence Peter’s employment situation. Hence, Peter should be represented by the 1st and his job the 10th instead.]

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