Horary: Will I Get the Job?

Derek asked whether he will get the job after he attended a job interview. No. [Extremely late Ascendant. The matter has already been decided long time ago. Debilitated Saturn on 1st. Not safe to judge. Question is “damaged” – nothing good will come out of it. Saturn and Mars on 1st. Two malefics. Extremely unlikely that he will get the job even before considering the 10th and its ruler.

10th ruler is Mars in 1st. On first sight, I would think that the job has already landed into the querent’s lap. But that cannot be the case otherwise, he wouldn’t have asked the question. 1st ruler is Moon. Moon and Mars – there’s no applying aspect. No translation involved. Collection – Jupiter is too far away to collect any light. Besides, there’s Neptune to cross over first. Moon might apply to Saturn in 1st. But I wouldn’t trust a debilitated Saturn to do its job.

There’s some disappointment, disillusion of some sort. Or maybe even some behind-the-scenes recreation. The client approaches a friend in the transportation industry or with contacts. However, the influence of the friend is limited. The friend was not privy to some information. [Moon applies to Neptune by square. Moon applies to Jupiter by Taurus in its sign. Jupiter conjunct South Node. Jupiter is under the Sun’s beams.]

I wonder whether Derek’s motivation to apply for the job is because there’s a change in his finances which are not conducive for him to pursue his aspirations or enjoyment with friends. He then came across the unexpected great job opportunity, presumably kept private or near his home. [Moon squared Sun which rules 2nd. Sun is in peregrine. Sun changed signs recently]

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Extracted from Derek Appleby’s Horary Astrology

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