Horary: Will I Have a Musical Career?

No.[1st ruler Saturn and 10th ruler Mars don’t aspect each other. Take Moon as co-significator of client. Moon and Mars – there’s no applying aspect. Take Moon as musical career. Moon and Saturn – there’s no applying aspect. Translation – Moon and Mercury are beyond the degrees of Mars and Saturn and can’t translate. Venus is blocked by Jupiter and Uranus before it translates light from Mars to Saturn. Collection is not possible. Mars has separated from a square to 1st.]

The client is mid-height to tall and slim though slightly fleshy. He might dress in unconventional way especially as part of his professional persona. [1st ruler Saturn in Virgo. Saturn loosely sextiles Uranus. Saturn squares waning Moon. Saturn sextiles Mercury]

He is very keen and motivated to effect a change in his career. [Saturn is moving faster than usual]

He wants a radical change in his career. A sense of restlessness or urge for freedom. There’s something unexpected or sudden that took place in his career. There was someone who approached him about changes to tedious work that’s also pleasure recently. He didn’t respond too well to that person or event. Even before that, there was someone or an event involving overseas or education unknown to anyone or involved his father. [Saturn sextiled Uranus. Mercury sextiled Saturn. Venus squared Saturn.]

Furthermore, it’s extremely tough to do well in the musical career. [The Moon is not void of course as it is within orb with Venus. 10th is in the degree of Serpentis. Neptune signifying the musical career is in the degree of the nodes.]

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Extracted from Derek Appleby’s Horary Astrology

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