Horary: Will I Get the Job?

Yes. [1st ruler Moon applies to 10th ruler Jupiter by trine in the latter’s sign].

The job offer will come faster than expected. [Jupiter in retrograde, moving at average speed]

The job involves healing, sensitivity, caring. It may involve working with children but in any case, it’s a job that she enjoys working in. [10th in Pisces. 10th ruler Jupiter in 5th]

Other Thoughts

The person is mid-height and fleshy.  [1st ruler in Pisces]

There’s unexpected or sudden event at daily work recently. [Moon separated from a square to Uranus in 6th. Moon separated from a sextile to Neptune about 7° ago. This is disregarded as it’s out of 3° orb.]

I wonder whether there’s someone in the family that works at the new job. Or how is her place of residence affected because of the new job. [Moon next applies to Mercury by conjunction in the latter’s sign of detriment. Mercury rules 4th and 12th]

Someone at the new job resigned from the job on amicable terms. The client will meet this person. Even before then, there was an overseas person who was probably using the job as a stepping stone of some kind. She didn’t perform too well at work. [Mercury in 10th separated from Jupiter by trine. Venus in 9th separated from a square to Jupiter.]


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Extracted from Derek Appleby’s Horary Astrology

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