Who Took the Money?

A clinic manager, Hagrid, contacted me and shared with me what happened at work today. There was shortfall of cash in the cash register. The receptionist who minds the cash register insisted that it must have been the phone maintenance person who visited the clinic this afternoon who took the cash. Hagrid is virtually certain that the phone guy didn’t take the money as he was with the latter throughout the phone maintenance visit.

I described to Hagrid the physical appearance of the phone maintenance guy – tall and slim for his ethnicity, with dark hair. Hagrid said that he’s slim but definitely not tall. I wondered why. And then the answer was staring at my face! Of course he’s not that tall, in fact, he’s probably toned – slim with muscle definition. Hagrid said that the person is a latino with brown skin. Oh yes! [6th ruler is Saturn in Capricorn; Mars conjunct Saturn; Saturnian people might have darker complexion]

I described the receptionist to Hagrid “Somewhat tallish and somewhat biggish.” The receptionist is tall but not slim nor big. Hmmm, going forward, I will be specific in my description. I should have said “Between medium to tall in height, moderate in weight and a bit fleshy” [7th ruler is Jupiter in Scorpio]

The receptionist is not rooted and approaches matters based on her own self-interest, especially in speech and her beliefs. She is either deceitful or forgetful and absentminded about the money. [Jupiter in Scorpio is peregrine, Jupiter in 3rd or turned 9th. Neptune conjuncts 7th]

There’s no contact between the missing money and the phone guy. [Venus separated from a square to Saturn at 8° which is not within the orb of Venus. There’s no aspect between the Moon and Saturn].

There was contact between the missing money and the receptionist. [Venus and the Moon did not make any separating aspects to Jupiter. Moon separated from a sextile to the Sun in 7th.]

Accusation of loss is directed towards the phone guy who might receive communication from his company. [Mars applies to Saturn. Mars rules 8th and 3rd or turned 3rd and turned 10th.]

Ejection from work followed by disappearance. [Jupiter applies to Pluto in turned 10th by sextile. Jupiter applies to Neptune on turned 1st.]

Overstretching. Hagrid assumes power that he is unable to control. Best to leave this matter between the clinic’s owner and the receptionist. [Fixed star Vindemiatrix is on the 2nd cusp.]

Update on 7/4/2018:

Hagrid took a back seat. The receptionist coughed out the missing money in accordance with the clinic’s policy.

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[Before opening up the software, I thought through the houses that I would use to symbolize the parties involved:

  • Hagrid considers the receptionist as his colleague instead of employee. The receptionist is assigned the 7th house
  • The phone maintenance person is assigned the 6th as he’s providing a service.
  • The missing money is represented by the 11th i.e. turned 2nd or the radical 2nd. I don’t know which is the one and will consider both to see which is the more appropriate house]


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