Where is the Missing Cat?

Let’s use astrology to find where a missing cat went!

Firstly, it is likely that the missing cat will be found. [Sun and Moon are angular as they are in turned 1st; 6th ruler, Mercury is in retrograde, suggesting a return]

Cat is alive but act fast. Its health is deteriorating. Cat is near its owner. [Cat is represented by the 6th. 6th ruler is Mercury. Mercury is in its sign, retrograde and in its first house.]

It is located towards the South. It is on or near the ground, which makes sense as a live cat won’t be floating in the air! It is a place frequented or used by people. [Mercury is in Virgo, an earth and common (mutable) sign. Hmmm, it seems that considering whether a sign is moveable, fixed or common isn’t very helpful. Virgo is a humane sign]

Cat is near the owner. [Mercury and 1st ruler – Venus are slightly more than one sign apart]

A place that is high and airy. Possibly an upper room that is used or frequent by people [Moon is in Libra, an air element and a humane sign]

The cat is imprisoned i.e. trapped somewhere [Mercury is under the Sun’s beams. Sun rules the turned 12th house]

If we combine the above factors together, the cat is near the owner, located in the South, on the ground of an upper room that is locked.

Other Observations

Something big and unexpected had happened before the cat went missing. The cat reunites with someoneĀ  who’s possibly angry with the cat. [Moon applied to Jupiter and Uranus by sextile with no reception. Mercury squares Neptune which rules disappearance. Moon then applies by sextile to Mars in its sign of detriment]

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Extracted from Olivia Barclay’s Horary Astrology Rediscovered

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