Horary: Enroll in Weekend Course?

Luke is interested in this weekend course that’s held in Summer. He asks if it’s a good idea to enroll in that course. I replied “Yes. But I don’t expect you to enroll in the course anytime soon.”

Yes Luke, enroll for the course. [There’s no aspect between Lord 1 and Lord 9. Moon applies to Saturn by sextile after the former changes sign to Scorpio. As the Moon rules the 3rd and 4th house, could it just mean that Luke has to submit the documentation (3rd) in the comfort of his home (4th)? Moon is in the 6th house of illness, health industry.]

It is a health-oriented course which he believes will help him to heal his own body and others. [Moon in 6th. Venus conjunct Chiron]

He’s thinking of the money involved. It’s not expensive but not cheap either. Whether the course is worth it. He’s also thinking of the benefit of the course on his health and perhaps as his initial foray into the health industry [Mercury conjuncts Venus. Mercury rules 2nd and 5th].

The weekend course is high quality and tough. [Lord 9 is Saturn which is dignified and on the 9th house cusp.]

It will have an effect on Luke’s professional life and his hopes and wishes. [Saturn rules 10th and 11th as well].

The course might actually have the power to transform his future. [Pluto on 10th]



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