Where is the Missing Woman?

She is somewhat tall and somewhat fleshy or big. She’s likely to have a cheerful, optimistic personality. A faith that everything will go all right in the end. Physically, I think she’s getting bigger or rounder with time. [1st ruler is Jupiter in Scorpio; Moon conjunct Jupiter]

The woman is at the boundary, edge of a water source. Northerly direction from her home. Possibly North-Easternly direction. I do know that there’s a river northwards and north-easternly from her home. Or she could be in a dark or secret place, a ruin or compost heap. But definitely at edge of something or next to a wall of some sort [1st ruler Jupiter and Moon in Scorpio directly on the cusp of the 8th house.]

She is either very distressed or unfortunately dead. [1st ruler Jupiter and Moon in 8th. Part of Death directly on ASC]

She is far away from her partner. No surprises here. [7th ruler Mercury is many signs away from 1st ruler Jupiter]

The missing person will be found by a worker, labourer or some kind eventually. [Sun applies to Jupiter by trine. Sun rules 6th.]

Other Information

She went missing without a trace in a secretive manner. No surprises here. A friend is involved. The friend is tall and slim, with dark hair and older than her. [Jupiter applied to Neptune in 12th by trine; Jupiter applied to Pluto in 11th by sextile]

Her partner couldn’t think straight and was very confused. All his thoughts were about his partner. He feels stronger recently, by the public attention that his missing partner is receiving. Grief or thoughts of death seem to constantly surround him which was especially strong on 20 March 2018. [Venus and Mercury changed signs recently. When they were in Pisces, they applied to Jupiter by trine.]

I am not confident of the timing as the significators are off. Instead of the expected 1 year of disappearance, the number 9 or 9 months keeps popping up which doesn’t fit with the 1 year.

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