Venus Transits

I have been looking at Venus transits, more specifically soft aspects – conjunctions, trines and sextiles today. Nothing of significance struck me on those days. I had expected money, possessions, pleasure, popularity, love affairs on those days. Nada. Nothing at all. Okay, except when transiting Venus conjunct my natal MC and transits in my natal 10th house – this seems to bring in a few clients which I’m thankful for.

Maybe there were three other days that caught my attention involving Venus transits. They are:

  • t.VE tri n.ASC – this could be the day where something saw me in different light and treated me unusually with respect and reverance
  • t.VE(8) tri n.CH(12) – I had nightmare where all my unconscious fears were revealed in the dream
  • t.VE sxt n.NE(7) – I had a few enquires for consultations but all of them went quiet after I responded to them

I hate to say this. It seems that Venus transits are overrated. It’s so soft and passive to have any noticeable effect for me personally. I certainly didn’t come close to any of the money, possessions, pleasure, popularity, love affairs that are promised by Venus. Of course, you could have a different experience.

My experience is confirmed by Martin Freeman in his book Forecasting by Astrology:

Transits of Venus move too quickly to be of great importance in astrological forecasting. If very detailed work is being carried out, they may be considered and can be helpful in determining day-to-day passing influences.

It is rare for Mercury and Venus to be noticeable by transit.

The stations of Mercury or Venus should be seen as emphasizing the principles of the planet in the context of the birth chart.

The second instance where the fast-moving transits may be important is when there are mutual aspects.

Hmmm, I think I will keep a looking out for transiting Venus in the natal houses (or even solar houses for sun sign aficionados) for now.

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