Reconciliation between Mother and Daughter

Bob explained that his niece and his brother are not on talking terms. Can Bob act as the peacemaker for the two of them? My judgement is no. Will they ever reconcile with each other? My judgement is yes, in February 2020, the daughter will reach out to her father. 


[Brother is 3rd, niece is 5th from 3rd or 7th. There’s no applying aspect between Mercury and Saturn. What about an aspect between the Moon and Saturn? The Moon makes an opposition to Saturn when it changes sign to Cancer. As if an opposition isn’t “bad” enough, Saturn receives Moon in its detriment.]

Bob is going to meet with his niece soon, in a week’s or month’s time but it can be delayed. He is undecided about it or wavering between how to approach his niece. There is a better equality of relationship between Bob and his niece as compared to his niece and his brother. In fact, it’s the brother who’s desiring to please and placate his daughter while the young lady is almost aloof and nonreciprocal. [Most interestingly, Bob as signified by the Sun is going to make a sextile to Saturn. Sun is in a succedent house and in a common sign. Saturn receives it by face which is better than nothing. Before the Sun can translate the light from Saturn to Mercury, Mercury fleet away from the Sun as it’s the faster moving planet.]

[Saturn applies to a trine to the 3rd house cusp in early Feb 2020, about 24 months from now, by transit. Or in about 19° or 19 months from now.]

The divide between the father and daughter is mostly likely due to a divorce or separation or some kind. [Uranus is angular and on MC]

Lessons Learnt

  1.  When counting derivative houses, point the finger on the house cusps instead of the space within each house.
  2. Sometimes a client isn’t too keen to hear other extra information relating to the question and just wants to cut to the chase.


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