Any More Customers for Today?

I cast a chart to ask when the next customers for today will arrive. 

They are:

At about 15:39. Results: A customer walked in at 15:41. [Sun applies to Saturn by sextile in about 1 degree. Sun is in a succedent house and common sign so it’s moderate time frame. Using minutes, hours and days, a moderate time unit would be hours. So, the next customer would arrive at about 15:39 (14:39 plus an hour]

At about 10pm. Results: It is too late for me to be hanging around at that time when people are going out drinking and clubbing! [Sun conjuncts Neptune in about 7.5 degrees. 14:39 plus 7.5 hours is about 10pm]

There might be one at 16:05. Results: I was too engrossed with the customer at 15:41 that I didn’t notice anyone coming in and the door to the shop is locked. [The contact with the first customer was 12:15pm which was when Moon opposed Mars about 5 degrees ago. 2 hours 24 minutes = 5 degrees. 1 degree = 28.8 mins. Moon applies to Uranus by sextile in 3 degrees. 3 degrees x 28.8 minutes = 86.4 minutes. Add that to 14:39, we get 16:05.]

There is a very remote possibility of one at 17:49. Results: no one showed up [Moon squares Chiron in 4.5 degrees. 4.5 degrees x 28.8 minutes = 129.6 minutes. Add that to 14:39, we get 17:49]

Lessons learnt

The timing using Moon is off. I wonder whether it’s because I have asked a frivolous question and therefore can’t rely on the Moon. Also, the most recent aspect – Moon opposes Mars doesn’t seem to describe the client.

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