7th House

I was looking at a consultation chart and Chiron conjuncts the 7th tightly. I suggested that to the client that there might some abandonment, feelings of woundedness relating to a past relationship. She asked whether it has to be a romantic relationship. I said not necessarily but it’s a significant relationship. She nodded her head and mumbled about grief.

Reminder to self: the 7th house doesn’t always signify romantic relationships. In fact, it’s so so much more than that! It signifies any significant one-to-one relationships including romantic and business partner(s), open enemies or people who might openly object to you including court opponents, the astrologer, lovers, thieves in horary astrology, etc.

Actually, Lord 7 in the consultation chart resides in the 3rd house. Perhaps it’s a sibling, a cousin or neighbour that we were talking about. I didn’t explore who it was as there simply wasn’t time to do that.

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