6 Nations: Ireland vs Scotland

I support our boys in green! According to astrology, the Scottish lads are much much stronger. 

Ireland has -3 points while Scotland has 21 points based on the scoring table below.  Ignore the Venus and Mars headers. The first and second column is for the Sun and Saturn respectively.

Update After Match

Oh boy. How wrong was I! Ireland won big time against Scotland – 28 – 8!

What could I have done wrong for the horary?

  • It’s not a horary per se as, if I am to be absolutely honest, I didn’t have the slightest interest in the match. The chart is more like an event chart – it was cast at the time and location of the match. P.S.: the time ought to be 2:15pm instead of 2:30pm as shown below. However, the judgement is not changed as a result of the 15 mins difference
  • John Frawley states “For us to be able to judge this question (of will my team win), the querent must have some interest in the outcome of the match for its own sake. I suppose this is where I have failed. Hence, the chart produced rubbish results.
  • As I think about the chart, Lord 1, the Sun, is in the 9th house of overseas travels. Perhaps the Sun should represent the Scottish lads as they are away from home. Actually, I tried this principle for the later match between France and England. Neither Lord 1 or Lord 7 is in the 9th or 4th. Mars rules the 9th. I thought hmmm, maybe, I could look for an aspsect between Mars, and Lord 1 and Lord 7. Lord 1 and Mars are within orb. So, maybe Lord 1 is the team that’s away from home which is England. But, Mars also rules the 4th house of home. So, … But let’s just say Lord 1 signifies England and Lord 7 France. Using the scoring table below, Lord 1 receives -5 points while Lord 7 21 points. Oh. England is going to lose again, which they did.

Concluding Thoughts

Sports astrology is fascinating but it does require time to be decent at it. I prefer to use my time to practise on finding lost objects and missing persons for the time being. See you again sports astrology.

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