Consultation Chart

My client was scheduled to arrive at 5pm. Tracy walked in about 4.45pm and asked for a “reading”. He said “Just tell me anything you can see.”

I dislike general readings (and clients who keep quiet throughout the session even if you ask them questions) if you must know the truth. Anyhow, I cast a consultation chart and started the session which felt totally like a fortune telling session. 🙁 Here’s what I told her.

You are focused on relationships. She confirmed that she wasn’t in a relationship. There’s one in the near future about 3.5 weeks or months time. You will be the fonder person between the two of you and have to do the pursuing if you are keen on him. There’s going to be lots of effort involved if you want to make this relationship work. He might be more interested in fun and passion. [ASC ruler in 7th; Sun applies to Lord 7 by sextile. Saturn receives Sun by face; Lord 7 in 5th]

You and your relationship are controlled or influenced by your home situation and father. At this point in time, she said “You are right!” [Sun is disposed by Jupiter in 4th]

“What else can you tell me?” “Money.” She’s excited now. “What about money?” “It’s almost as if you were burnt financially. You can’t see or think clearly about your finances. The worst happened about 3.5 weeks or months ago and it will only get better. I think I will get better in XX March 2018 or in early December.” “Will it be significantly better?” “I said, it will not be significantly better but definitely better than now.” [Mercury is combust. Mercury rules 2nd and 11th.]

“What about work?” she asked. “It’s a stable job and a good job” Although it might causing you some grief now. “Grief?!” “I meant it could be causing you some anxiousness right now. It’s currently going through some sort of transition. The cosmos is unclear as to what could transpire.” “Can you tell me whether it’s a good or bad thing that’s going to happen?” I cast the I Ching and it wasn’t negative. “Things will be fine in the end. It also looks like your boss or the decision maker is a nice and agreeable person. Why don’t you approach him/her and appeal to him/her if need be?” [Lord 10 is Venus. Moon is in the 10th so Tracy is clearly thinking about her work secretly. But I don’t look at the Moon as it’s a consultation chart. Venus is under the sun beams so she’s distressed or anxious about her work situation especially given that Venus is in the 8th. Venus conjuncts Neptune which I don’t quite like but Venus is exalted. Boss is signified by the 10th and is an exalted benefic.]

“Tell me about my health.” Oh no. I don’t like to answer questions about health as I’m not a medical professional. I said that it’s important for you to be disciplined about health regime, perhaps find something that you enjoy and stick to it. [Lord 1, Sun in Pisces is in peregrine. I think this means that her health is not consistent. Lord 6 of illness is dignified and in the 5th house. Sun is applying by sextile towards Saturn in about 3.5 weeks or months time. A heart condition or something involving her back?]


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