Do Not Assume

I was preparing for an astrological consultation yesterday. I was like is this woman pregnant or going to be pregnant this year? For reasons I can’t recall now, I assumed that she’s in a relationship – maybe because of her stellium in the 7th house comprising of four planets. 

Imagine to my horror that she’s not pregnant and not in a relationship when I met her. Oh yes, she had her Saturn return recently and Saturn was in the 7th house. So I asked her whether she was in a relationship and ended it recently. Silly me! I was somewhat confused that she wasn’t in a relationship for some time and couldn’t have ended any relationship! She’s very clear that she’s not involved in any legal cases nor are there people who openly object to her.

If Saturn doesn’t end something, it starts something, especially given that it’s a recent Saturn return.

I digressed. The point of this post is not to assume, unless you are a psychic. But hey, even psychics can get things wrong at times. Or don’t they?

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