Horary: Should I Get a Pet Cat Now?

Darragh asked whether now is a good time to get a pet cat. The answer is no. Analysis follows in the next paragraph.

It’s too early to say possibly because of his uncertain work situation or work that is currently going through a transition stage, especially since he started a new job in December last year. It’s a premature question possibly as he was toying with the idea. [Ascendant is way too early; ASC ruler is in the 6th and conjunct Neptune]

Darragh might have some illusions or fantasies about having a pet. Are they realistic and does having a pet fit into his daily routine, especially given his new job? Actually, he might be pursuing some studies or having some overseas travelling to do. It seems that the pet alleviates his loneliness. [ASC ruler conjunct Neptune in 6th. Mercury in 6th as well, rules the 9th and 12th].

Getting a pet cat now might turned out to be more work and responsibility than what it’s worth. There might be a change in his home situation as well. It might be an idea to wait till December this year. [Moon eventually applies to Lord 6 by opposition. Lord 6 receives the Moon by term which doesn’t make it really better. Moon applies to Pluto in 4th by trine. There’s no translation and collection involving Lord 1 and Lord 6. Lord 6 switches sign to Sagittarius in December 2018 and is dignified and makes a sextile to ASC]


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