Progressed Sun Changing Signs

Before yesterday, with the exception of one client, all clients who went through a change in sign of their progressed Sun experienced rather uncomfortable events and/or feelings during and after the lead up to the change of sign. The one client who had supposedly a “great” time was in his 50s where he begun to pursue his lifelong passion for art. In a way, I supposed he left his legal profession and there was a sort of ending for him as well. But, he’s the happiest client that I can remember who had a “positive” change in sign of his progressed Sun.

Yesterday, I had a client who had her progressed Sun changed sign when she was in her early 20s. It wasn’t an especially remarkable time for her although it was when she begun college. That sounds like a new phase of life doesn’t it? Actually come to think of it, I had another client whose progressed Sun changed sign when she was about 18 years old. She left her hometown and went to the city to work. She wouldn’t describe the moving away from home as traumatic but certainly it’s a new phase of life for her.

All the above makes me think – perhaps it’s the younger people who are less entrenched in their ways (Saturn hasn’t crystallized their ways too much yet) who are able to experience their progressed Sun changing sign more positively. And to the wiser matured folks, some of them might actually relish a change in scenery.


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