Consultation Chart: Marriage and Children

Hmmm, astrology is a tool that requires practice. The more you use it, the more you learn how to weld it properly. I set up a consultation chart for Lizzie’s consultation yesterday. She’s after a “fortune-telling” kind of consultation or shall we say “reading”.  (more…)

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Solar Return Sun in 12th

I had an interesting astrological consultation recently. Interesting and somewhat perplexing because the client’s solar return (SR) Sun is in the 12th house and it has been one of her best years ever. Now, that’s a new one for me. Unless you apply an orb of 8° for conjunction, which I feel is too wide for me. (more…)

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Venus Transits

I have been looking at Venus transits, more specifically soft aspects – conjunctions, trines and sextiles today. Nothing of significance struck me on those days. I had expected money, possessions, pleasure, popularity, love affairs on those days. Nada. Nothing at all. Okay, except when transiting Venus conjunct my natal MC and transits in my natal 10th house – this seems to bring in a few clients which I’m thankful for. (more…)

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