Consultation Chart Ruler in 8th

Recently, almost all of the consultation charts that I have cast have their chart ruler in the 8th house. I feel more like a counselor than an astrologer nowadays. And yes, the practice of modern psychological astrology leans heavily towards taking a counselling approach to consultations. But, truth be told, it feels so draining after each consultation which is heavy with grief, loss, anxiety, fear of the future, desperateness, failed businesses, etc.

I digressed. Chart ruler in 8th. It indicates, according to Deborah Houlding that the client has potentially “issues that bring fear, insecurity or anxiety”. There could be “death, loss, grief, situations that are failing, or matters relating to these for the querent”.

What does an astrologer do then? Listen to the emotional turmoils of the client. Really listen and empathize with them. You are not there to solve their problems. You share with them what you see in their charts but you are not them, you don’t live their lives, you can’t take away their problems. But you may be able to alleviate it by listening and provide them with cosmic insights and guidance so that they can cope better.



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