Mars transiting in 7th

A close-ended interpretation of Mars transiting in 7th is arguments and quarrels with your husband or wife. That’s certainly a possible manifestation of Mars transiting in 7th. It would be amazing if that’s all to it. Unfortunately, modern psychological astrology doesn’t quite work like that.

For example, it dawned on me today that the reason why I have been feeling drained after astrological consultations is probably due to Mars transiting in my 7th natal house. I have never experienced such exhaustion after consultations before. It’s a first for me. My practice is to carry a black tourmaline crystal for every consultation as it is supposedly great for self-protection and self-preservation of one’s energies. Despite having my black tourmaline with me during consultations, I don’t feel quite the same nowadays ever since Mars entered my 7th house recently.

Equally, I have increased number of astrological consultations since Mars was in my 7th house. Or it could be a case of Venus transiting in the 10th or both. The former does make sense – busy-ness with clients. Or being energized in the area of clients.

Actually, now that I think of it, my partner has been terribly busy at work too. This is rather uncharacteristic given the time of the year as the industry is seasonal.

So there you go. Mars transiting in the 7th can manifest in many different ways, not just a quarrel with your partner!


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