Consultation Chart and Legal

I set up a consultation chart for the next appointment. Very interesting. The chart ruler conjuncts the 7th tightly i.e. within a degree. Okay relationships. Maybe a legal case?

The client arrived. She’s somewhat tall but definitely tall, looks young and slim and slightly built and rather communicative. Hair was dark. [Chart ruler is the Sun which conjuncts Mercury closely. Sun is ruled by Saturn].

Rosie, the client talked about her desire for a man in her life. No surprises there. Most interestingly, there is a legal case that’s going on for her. [Sun on 7th]

Legal Meaning of Each House

Okay, I have been getting increasingly questions on legal cases. Beyond the 7th as representing legal cases, subordinate court, the 9th as the solicitor (?), the 10th as the judge, my knowledge of the legal system as symbolized by the houses is limited. It’s time to recap what each house represents, extracted from  Deborah Houlding’s excellent book The Houses. I have highlighted the houses in bold which is more important for my purposes.

  1. Whoever initiates the action
  2. (omitted as the reference is to war charts)
  3. In lawsuits this house relates to writs, contracts and deeds that affect the prosecution. It also signifies all written statements and the ability to affect the situation through letters and correspondences.
  4. Use the above, related to whoever initiates the action. “The above” may refer to “Lily makes reference to the lord of the 4th house being used to signify the end of the matter in controversies and lawsuits
  5. As above for whoever initiates the action. The activity and success of the initiator’s messenger, agent, ambassador or representative aiming to make agreement or treat with the other party.
  6. As above for whoever initiates the action. For those who oppose them, this house represents agents sent in secret against them: spies, private investigators, etc.
  7. The opponent. The defendant in a lawsuit. Condemned persons or the criminal on trial. (defendant is someone who is being sued)
  8. The allies of the opponent; in lawsuits the friends and assistants of the defendant
  9. As above for whoever initiates the action. In lawsuits, lawyers that serve the prosecution or initiator, writs and communications that affect the defendant.
  10. In legal matters, the judge or ruling magistrate. Affliction suggests a corrupt or unjust ruling; if dignified justice will be served.
  11. In charts concerning trials this house can be an important consideration with respect to the defendant – besides being a general indication of how confident they may be, a fortunate and emphasised 11th house argues against imprisonment and favours release for prisoners on appeal
  12. This is the house of incarceration and therefore when emphasised in a trial chart can indicate imprisonment for the defendant.

Back to the Consultation Chart

Hmmm. Rosie didn’t ask any specific questions. So, I didn’t do any “prediction” by horary. Thank God! I would hate to use horary with the impending solar eclipse. What follows is a postmortem of the consultation using the consultation chart.

Let’s look at what’s happening to the Sun.

A friend approaching my client about her money on this Saturday afternoon (or ?). Or news, contract or communication involving her money reaches her. Whichever it is, Rosie doesn’t react favourably to the event.  [Mercury is applying by conjunction to the Sun. Mercury rules the 11th and 2nd. Sun does not receive Mercury as the latter is in the Sun’s “enemy” territority]

Unexpected disruption that took place overseas which is considered her home. Or a private matter.  [Sun just recently sextiled Uranus in 9th.]

Even before that, there was a difficult or delayed event involving some else’s money and things that bring pleasure. [Sun applied to Jupiter by square; Jupiter receives the Sun by term; Jupiter rules the 8th and 5th]

Even before that, Rosie approached a man or something unpleasant overseas or even a lawyer which is from the same background. Hidden treasure and the treasures of the earth could be involved. The contact was made with difficulty and delay. If there’s a man involved, the man is likely to be somewhat short and muscular and acts on his own self-interest. [Sun applied to Mars by sextile. Mars rules 9th and 4th. Mars is in peregrine.]

Brilliant! The above fits into what was described to me during the consultation. I’m most impressed to learn that the 4th house rules treasures of the earth – mines and minerals, gems, oil, wells and water supplies. Most aptly, Lilly notes: “profit out of the bowels of the Earth”. Oh dear, I never imagined that I would learn such a meaning of the 4th house!


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