Reflection on January’s Lunar Eclipse

I wasn’t expecting January 2018’s lunar eclipse to have a significant effect on me. After all, there were no conjunctions to any natal planets and only an opposition that’s 4 degrees away from my natal Moon in 9th.

Before we look at the potential meaning of the eclipse based on Saros cycle, lets look at where the eclipse landed in my natal chart. Basically, the 3rd-9th houses were highlighted. I can certainly remember having very emotional thoughts, writing and wanting to make a decision about astrology a few days after the eclipse.

What are the progressions in place around the time of the eclipse? Progressed MC sesquiquadrate natal Uranus which co-rules the 9th. I don’t see any other obvious transits to the 3rd or 9th. What strikes me is the symbolism of MC-Uranus. I had thought of quitting astrology altogether (this is another story) a few days after the lunar eclipse. Instead of quitting, my relationship with astrology has transformed. On one level, I could say that the eclipse was “responsible” for the foregoing and was certainly significant to me, as hey, I could remember what had happened.

On the other hand, I would like to think that the lunar eclipse didn’t have a significant effect on me, technically speaking, hence I didn’t make any life changing decisions even though that was being contemplated. I think I will stick with this view for now.



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