Predicting Physical Appearance

I received a text with a burning question. A-ha! I can use horary for that. I will be meeting the client some days later but am curious as to how she looks like. The Ascendant is in Leo. She’s well-built, tallish and a thick mop of hair. North node is in the 1st. So that expands the physical description in the previous sentence. The chart ruler is the Sun in Aquarius which conjuncts the south node tightly. Oh, she’s not well-built, tallish and having a massive mop of hair then. Just somewhat like that, especially since south node restricts and decreases. 

I had the consultation with the client. She has a weight issue most of her life and it was only recently that she found a diet plan that works for her and she lost a lot of weight. Her natural disposition to be tallish and big but it’s not so because of dietary restriction which fits into the symbolism of Sun in Aquarius conjunct South Node. It’s fascinating about how horary astrology can be about physical description, isn’t it?

to move or to stay horary

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