Attention: Solar Eclipse is Coming!

Solar Eclipse in 27°08′ Aquarius

When does it happen?

This Thursday, 15 Feb 2018

Why does it happen?

It happens when the Moon is between the Earth and Sun and blocks the light from the Sun from reaching us earthlings. The Moon is also on the same horizontal pane with the Earth and Sun.

What does it mean for me?

The solar eclipse can have a range of impact on you, from weak to powerful. It depends on what you are going through in your life and your date, time and location of birth. So, you could go through the solar eclipse without anything “happening” to you really.

Broadly speaking, a solar eclipse is a super new Moon which focuses your attention on an area(s) of your life, often heralding a new beginning of some sorts. The solar eclipse on this Thursday in particular is about new beginnings with driven expansive energies. Or a new junction in your life where you fight and defend your faith and aspirations in life. The new seeds that I mentioned earlier are expressed through ideas and thoughts where spoken, written or otherwise. It may also require you to think about the past or areas in your life with loose ends to tighten up and move on.

So, what’s next?

Meditate on the messages above and see how they apply to you. Or if you would like to discover how this upcoming solar eclipse affects you personally, book an appointment with me. Happy solar eclipse!

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