A Look at Antonio Banderas

Let’s have a look at the natal chart of Antonio Banderas. I’m sure there are quite a lot that we can pick out from Bandera’s chart. But we are just focusing on the key themes.

Work routine, being of service to others and health matters are very likely to be of importance to Banderas. [The 6th house is very loaded]

Individualistic self-identity and life direction [Sun conjunct Uranus]

Transformative relationships that promise personal growth. [Pluto is smacked on the 7th, along with Venus. North Node is in the 7th. Only the ASC is in water]

Isolated and abandoned self. The weird sheep in the family. Or the ugly duckling. [Chiron conjuncts ASC]

A drive towards communication and thoughts to resolve power struggles with others involving wounded self [T-square involving Chiron, Pluto and Mars (focal planet). Only one planet in air]

Struggle for self-transcendence in intimacy through nurturing self and an energetic mind [Yod, focal planet is co-ruler of ASC. Rather tight aspects]



Antonio Banderas astrological birth chart
Antonio Banderas astrological birth chart

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