2018 Forecast for Saliya

Here’s a quick and dirty 2018 forecast for a fictional person, Saliya. Lots of details have been omitted as this is meant to be a general overview. I have omitted the relevant charts here due to time constraint. But if you are interested in looking at them, send me a private text. 


Story carried forward from previous period

  • p. Last quarter – this is likely to be a somewhat busy period in her life, possibly to use what she has accomplished during the p. Full Moon to propel her further towards her goals – look at the natal house and sign of the p. New Moon about 21 years ago.
  • p. Moon in 12th – even though it’s a time of activity, she might feel somewhat trapped and isolated. Sometimes, she might feel that her conscious plans and goals to get ahead and to seek recognition are thwarted. This time can be considered as a preparatory phase before she feels that she can get ahead, reap the harvest of her long-term ambitions and consolidate her material security [p. Moon conjunct 1st/ASC in 2019; t. Saturn opposition n. Saturn in January 2019; p. Mars conjunct 1st]

Current year’s story

t. Uranus opposition n. Uranus(9), sextile n. Sun (1), sesquiquadrate MC. From June 2018 to April 2019, especially in September 2018.

  • SR 3rd house is packed, SR Sun conjunct SR Mercury. There is daily busi-ness, with lots of communication, routine travelling. She might start talking to her estranged brother again this year (see section below)
  • SR Sun conjunct n. ASC – the focus, attention and limelight is on her.
  • SR IC conjunct SR Chiron – she might feel isolated, wounded and abandoned which is unknown to others.
  • SR Chart ruler in 12th – The same message as above where Saliya might feel a sense of lonliness and isolation or she’s more intuitive than usual (her n. Sun is in Pisces).
  • d. Neptune conjunct 12th – Reiteration of the message above.
  • SR Sun sextile SR Moon (5) which conjuncts SR Uranus (5) – Her focus on communication, brother and everyday life flows easily with her nurturing of children and feeling for fun, romance and anything pleasurable to her.
  • p. Saturn conjunct n. Saturn (5). n. Saturn rules 11th, 12th , Mars (11), and Mercury (12). Very focused and concentrated on children. Affects her drive towards hopes and dreams. Having hidden thoughts. Leading to new ideals in her career and future and the start of something new in her career. (n. Saturn quincunx n. Neptune in 10th tightly; n. Saturn squares n. Pluto in 8th which co-rules 10th).




Story carried forward from previous period

t. Uranus sextile ASC and trines DSC. Final hit on 31 Jan – Saliya’s not dating anyone now. She does feel like a radical change in her relationship though.

Current year’s story

It appears that this year is best focused on her career and brother based on the above. There are more opportunities in romances, which might develop into committed relationships, compared to opportunities for long-term relationships.

  • t. Saturn sextile Sun on 6 January 2018 – a serious evaluation on a potential relationship.
  • t. Jupiter square Sun on 17 Nov – feeling optimistic about relationship prospects perhaps due to an opportunity that presents itself



n. Moon is in n. 5th. Cusp of n. 6th is Cancer which is ruled by Moon. See section on pet cat.

Story carried forward from previous period

t. Neptune trine n. Saturn (5). From March 2017 to January 2018, especially in September 2017.


Current year’s story

p. Saturn conjunct n. Saturn (5). Being realistic and practical in her outlook about romantic opportunities. Comes to the realisation that she’s unable to convert her romances into long-term relationship. n. Saturn (5) rules 12th and co-rules 1st.

p. Moon conjunct n. Mercury (12). 28 July 2018. n. Mercury is the 5th ruler. She comes across a hidden news, communication from a potential lover or relating to children (Saliya is a teacher).



Story carried forward from previous period

t. Saturn conjunct 10th. From June 2017. As a planet of karma, this is a time of reaping the harvest when it comes to Saliya’s professional standing in the world. Depending on what she has put in for the past 14 years, it’s potentially a time of accomplishment and reward. This is the same message as the t. Saturn opposition n. Saturn transit as covered above.

Current year’s story

  • SR Mars conjunct n. MC(10) – She will find herself exerting lots of energy and her will towards her career and her professional goals
  • SR Mars conjunct n. Neptune (10) – She might feel a sense of confusion or uncertainty regarding her career. That her efforts are a shoot in the dark and not getting her anywhere. If that’s the case, she’s encouraged to let go, trust in what she’s doing and advised not to have any concrete plans as this is the year of preparation anyway (see overview section above). She can direct her energies towards being compassionate and saving the world, realistically and practically.
  • p. MC changes sign to Aquarius in July 2018 – A touch of freedom and individuality. Her work and public face may involve groups and work to better society.


  • d. Mars squares n. North Node (10) in August 2018 – fated encounter with someone or a group, perhaps from a different background as n. NN is in Sagittarius. It might be a potential friend as n. Mars is in the 11th after all.
  • p. Moon sextile n. Neptune (10) on 18 Sep 2018 – A dream come true in her career involving an expansion in her personal resources
  • October is clearly a very month. There’s expansion in her work, which promises advancement and self-development. Her long-term plans and ambitions finally come into fruition. This might be a time when she looks back at her past and might think of what’s familiar and comforting to her. She’s advised to look to the future and leave behind what doesn’t work for her.
    • p. ASC conjunct n. South Node in October
    • t. Jupiter conjunct 10th in October
    • t. Jupiter conjunct MC ruler, Jupiter in October
  • Another busy month in terms of career and future direction, which is in line with what has been covered so far. There’s a fated opportunity or encounter of some sort relating to career. There might be an expanding of her dreams and career aspirations towards end of the year.
    • t. Jupiter conjunct n. North Node (10) on 4 Dec 2018
    • t. Jupiter conjunct n. Neptune (10) on 31 Dec 2018

Next period’s story which might be experienced earlier this year

  • t. Jupiter conjunct n. MC from January 2019 to September 2019, especially in July 2019 – time of expansion, advancement, doors are being opened to those who knock relating to career and the future. A bullish sentiment of the future. Improvement in her situation with her bosses/superiors.
  • p. Sun trine n. MC in 2019 – her sense of self flows easily at work, she’s energetic and vitalised when it comes to work and future. She feels accomplished and as if all attention is on her.



Story carried forward from previous period

Saliya’s pet cat may feel emotionally wounded, nervous and anxious due to a radical change in its home situation from April 2017 to March 2018, more so in September and October 2017. There’s an improvement in her cat’s condition in mid/end September and early December. Possibly her cat gained weight then. Her cat would have settled down in her new environment by March 2018.

  • t. Chiron square n. Moon. From April 2017 to February 2018, especially in September 2017.
  • t. Uranus sextile n. Moon from May 2017 to March 2018, especially in October 2017.
  • t. Jupiter trine n. Moon on 24 Sep 2017
  • t. Jupiter sesquiquadate n. Moon on 3 Dec 2017.



Story carried forward from previous period

t. Uranus conjunct 3rd in January 2018 – Saliya confided in me that her brother stopped communication with her for over a year. Uranus symbolises separation and certainly, t. Uranus would be within orb in 2017 when the estrangement from her brother took place.

Current year’s story

  • Recall the SR Sun conjunct SR Mercury in SR 3rd that was covered this year. I think it’s very likely that Saliya will resume communication with her brother this year
  • t. Pluto square n. Chiron (in 2nd and conjunct 3rd). From March 2018 until 2019, especially in May 2018, Jan 2019, August 2019 – it is possible that any wounding experienced by her brother will be uncovered during this year. Or Saliya’s wounding relating to her brother will be transformed this year.

Next period’s story which might be experienced earlier this year

  • t. Pluto conjunct n. Mars. n. Mars rules the 3rd house. From March 2019 to 2020, especially in June 2019 – Besides the highly sexual and determined drive towards power, a possibility is that her brother slumps into depression (based on my intuition) or that he gets in touch with his reservoir of inner strength to fight to survive


Personal resources including money

Story carried forward from previous period

She feels wounded when it comes to her resources, material or otherwise. She might think of inventive ways to transform her situation into one of strength. Chiron is a teacher of Greek Heros. Equally, teaching could be a possibility to resolve her financial wounding. She might feel better off financially come March 2018.

  • t. Chiron conjunct 2nd from March 2017.
  • t. Chiron conjunct n. Venus (2). From March 2017 to March 2018, especially end August 2017


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