Do we have a Future Together?

Rosie asked if she and Hunklicious have a future together. 

Rosie could have felt frustrated and all this tension within her about Hunklicious and wants a radical change in the situation between her and Hunklicious so that she has a clear picture of their future together. Despite asking the question, she might already have moved on. [Uranus on ASC. Uranus in orbs with Venus, 7th ruler]

It doesn’t help that Rosie can be impatient and eager to get into action. In fact, she’s emotionally charged up about Hunklicious possibly because of her sexual urge which she has kept under wraps. [ASC ruler is Mars in Scorpio and conjunct Moon. Moon rules 4th and 5th.]

Hunklicious is clearly only onto fun and pleasure and not looking for a long-term committed relationship. He’s also clearly good-looking, lean and mature. His company and friendship is enjoyable to Rosie too. I wonder Hunklicious is a friends with benefit to Rosie. He would the one who pursued Rosie. Hucklicious would be extremely attractive to Rosie although that degree of attraction might be difficult to keep up in the long-term. It’s as if there’s inflated expectations of the relationship. [Venus is on turned 5th; Venus in Capricorn on 11th, Venus is the faster moving planet between the two and is moving at 1° 15′ which is faster than average – 1° 12′, Venus applied by sextile to Mars, Mars received it in exaltation]

I wonder whether Hunklicious is actually seeing someone else or pardon my bluntness, fucking around, unknown to Rosie? He might be having a romance that’s hush-hush. Maybe Hucklicious is a closeted gay or at least swings both ways. However, I suspect the person that Hunklicious is “out”. [Venus, 7th ruler is directly on Sun which rules turned 12th. Sun and Venus conjunct Pluto]

It’s unlikely that there’s a long-term committed relationship between Rosie and Hucklicious, as that’s what Rosie is looking for. But if Rosie is happy with a fuck buddy, as that’s who Hunklicious is, that will do then. However, it’s likely that Hunklicious will stay away from Rosie for good in about 3 months time. [Venus and Mars doesn’t perfect each other, Moon squares Venus without reception. Actually, Venus receives Moon in its sign of detriment. Venus has no obligation to treat the approaching Moon nicely as it’s in enemy territory. Venus is in combustion. Venus is applying by square to Uranus. ASC ruler and Moon in 7th]


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