Money Forecast

A general forecast for this year for Mr Hillbilly. We are concentrating on his 2nd house, the Sun and the Moon which rules the 2nd house. We might also look at Uranus and Pluto as they make an aspect to the Sun in 2nd although I think Pluto might have a negative effect on the finances.

1. An Overview

1.1 The Past which Spills Over to the Present

  • t. Uranus applies a square to n. Sun this year (final hit in March) – a radical change in life direction, perhaps as a result of changes in personal values with an impact on his studies and anything involving communication
  • t. Chiron applies by a trine to n. Sun (final hit in Feb) – Feeling handicapped in terms of money. Consider using inventive and ingenious means, capitalising on what makes Hillbilly different, to ignite sources of money
    • t. Mars trines Sun in January 18 (20 Jan 18) – money from personal effort
    • New Moon opposite n. Sun in Jan 18 (17 Jan 18) – a new start, cycle relating to money
  • In a progressed last quarter – a time of re-orientation, making use of what has been achieved and harvested during the progressed full Moon.
  • p. Moon in Gemini in 1st – a time of being exposed to and engaging in new experiences. Might gravitate towards studying, writing and communication. 
  • p. Pluto separating from conjunction to n. Pluto – a transformation in self-expression with a consequent tension on personal resources (n. Sun squares n. Pluto)

From January to July 2018

  • The 2nd house ruler is Mars which is next to the Sun. In traditional astrology, Mars in Cancer is in its detriment. Money is weak. If that’s not enough, it is in combustion i.e. money is burning, it can’t be seen.
  • In psychological astrology however, we can say that money is constantly on Mr Hillbilly’s mind. Its trine to Chiron in 6th suggest that he feels wounded in the money area perhaps due to the lack of work. Its square to Uranus suggests that his money potential is affected by the unexpectedness and suddenness associated with his clients.
  • Looking at the SR 2017 grid, SR Mars conjunct n. North Node in 2nd (and opposite n. SN in 8th). Moving away from the past and towards the future when it comes to money. SR MC conjuncts n. Sun in 2nd. His professional goals and life direction relating to money is the focus for this year.
  • SR Mercury in 11th opposition n. Moon. Communicating in groups, aspiration thoughts may not necessarily support income
  • SR Moon in 7th conjunct 8th square n. Moon. Changeability in clients and their money may be tough on Hillbilly’s money. 

1.2 The Present

  • t. Jupiter applies by square to n. Moon (starts from Dec 17, then June and August 18) – feeling more optimistic, daily life revolves around long-term plans and ambitions, feeling more opportunistic. Expansion of intuitive knowledge (n. Moon in 9th) leading to a change in income. May feel more driven than usual in February which has an impact on his resources
    • t. Mars sextile n. Moon in February 18 (21 Feb)
    • t. Mars conjunct. Moon in October 18 (21 Oct)
  • p. Uranus is separating from a conjunction to n. Uranus – the radical change in his work routine, daily routine, with a corresponding change in his income (n. Sun trines n. Uranus)
  • p. Moon changes sign to Cancer in June 2018 – More security oriented, more inward looking. Focused on home and family. As p. Moon in Cancer is ruled by n. Moon in 9th, there’s nurturing of his knowledge on a daily basis. It looks like his studying is not quite done yet (when p. Moon was in Gemini).

From July to December 2018

  • Based on the 2018 solar return, the 2nd house contains Pluto and Mars. There’s transformation in his finances, along with a drive and motivation towards money.
  • SR Mars squares SR Uranus. There’s a tension between his energy towards money and a radical change in his interests and pleasures.
  • SR Mars is in the same degree as the nodes and sits directly on the SR South Node. Energy exerted towards the past, what’s innately familiar to Hillbilly. There’s a sense of fatedness. Sabian symbol Leo 6° refers to “The Constellations in the Sky”. Hmmm, this sounds like astrology to me. Hillbilly makes money from astrology?!
  • Using traditional astrology, the 2nd house ruler Saturn is in its sign and in retrograde, suggesting that money is coming to Hillbilly. 
  • SR MC squares n. Sun. The future direction, professional goals continues to stress or create a tension to Hillbilly’s money and vice versa.

1.3 The Future which might be Felt in the Present

  • t. Pluto applies a square to n. Pluto in 2019. Finances might be affected by the natal Sun-Pluto square. Another transformation in his self-expression. He might feel this sense of compulsiveness and obsessiveness so as to gain power. There might be sexual issues too, especially as n. Pluto is in the 5th. n. Pluto sextiles n. Venus in 3rd and squares n. Sun in 2nd. The transformation includes a love for communication and tension on self when it comes to money. n. Pluto co-rules 6th and n. Uranus in 6th. There’s likely a radical change in daily work life, health and duty as well. 
  • p. ASC is entering into the 2nd house – Hillbilly’s orientation to the external world is about his resources, material or otherwise. p. ASC is ruled by Moon in 9th. His outer world and his expectations of it are seen in the context of his knowledge and new experiences.
  • p. Mars is making a conjunction to n. Sun in 2nd, along with a trine to n. Uranus in 6th – a drive towards his hero journey where the destination is money-oriented
    • t. Mars opposite Sun in May 2018 (7 May)
    • t. Mars trine Sun in December 2018 (26 Dec)
  • t. North Node is going to conjunct the Sun in 2nd (in Feb 2019)

2. Monthly Forecast

Section 1 contains monthly forecasts. Here’s others: t. Jupiter applies by a trine to n. Sun, along conjuncting n. Uranus in Oct 18 – a sense of well-being, possibly with a money making opportunity which is unexpected.


transits triwheel
Innermost wheel: natal, middle wheel: transits at start of year, outer wheel: transits at end of year


secondary progressions biwheel
Inner wheel: natal chart; outer wheel: progressed chart at the start of the year


Solar returns
Solar return chart 2017-2018


solar return grid
Across: Natal chart; below: 2017 SR chart
solar return 2018
Solar return 2018 chart


Solar return 2018 grid
Across: natal chart; down: 2018 SR chart


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