Moon Conjunct Pluto in 5th

I have advised one of my clients, Dominic, to keep a lunar diary so that we can explore recurring themes in each of his lunar months. 

Recently, he shared with me the happenings when transiting Moon conjunct with his Pluto in 5th.

  • About 14 hours before the transit perfected, he couldn’t sleep and read erotic fiction after a long time of hiatus while his wife was snoozing away
  • He felt the onset of a flu that morning and kept away from self-pleasure (some esoteric disciplines believe that a man’s vital energies are drained after his “release”). The flu didn’t kick in eventually. Now, this is interesting as Pluto co-ruled his 6th house of illness
  • He visited online sex toy websites for the first time in his life
  • He continued reading the erotic fiction during the day
  • He had an existential crisis where he felt that he has failed in his life. 5th house represents the urge to be somebody, to express oneself. When Pluto is in the 5th house, there can be this compulsive and obsessive need to be someone important or to do something important and transformative
  • He won money at a bet and had a winning scratch card. This is cool as the 5th house is the house of gambling and speculation.

I thank Dominic for his candid sharing. He could shared that the events that transpired seemed like so normal and part of everyday life. If he hadn’t stopped to think about the connections between the events and his chart, he wouldn’t have thought that there’s a connection between the two. He said that the happenings were kind of unconscious.

I think his perspectives were very insightful as the transiting Moon does represent our daily lives. If something happened as part of our daily lives, most of us wouldn’t stop and think that there’s anything extraordinary about that something. It’s as if it’s part of a normal typical day for us.

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