What is her Medical Condition?

My sister is off to the hospital to visit her colleague who had unexplained fever. It could be because of an infection in the brain, after the recent brain surgery. I know her colleague personally and am anxious for her. I thought I will cast a horary chart to confirm that her condition is not fatal or serious.

The 7th house of the other party represents the colleague. That’s the house that came to my mind instinctively. I could have chosen the 1st or the 11th or a turned house from the 3rd house of my sister. But they don’t resonate with me. Besides, the colleague is big in size although she has lost weight from the recent operation. I wouldn’t associate Saturn, the ruler of the 1st with her in terms of her physical appearance. The Sun would gel with her due to her generosity and big-heartedness, which sounds like Jupiter that rules the 10th and 11th house although you might say the same for the Sun. I don’t regard her as friend per se though (even if Jupiter is taken to represent the querent, Mars, the ruler of the turned 8th is heading towards Jupiter). I will stick with the 7th.

The North Node sitting on the 7th is a good omen. The Sun is in the radical 12th house or turned 6th. That is right. She’s in the hospital and she’s unwell. Venus is next to the Sun. This could be my sister whose Sun sign is Taurus or her colleague’s younger daughter. The Sun is disposed by Saturn which rules the turned 6th and 7th. I think that’s the doctor in charge. Saturn in Capricorn indicates that the doctor is skilled and equally the illness is strong.

The Sun just sextiled Neptune which could be taken to represent healing after her brain surgery. The Sun next sextiles Mars and then Jupiter. Mars rules the turned 8th and 3rd. When the 8th house of death is involved, it can’t be good. Mars also rules the head. Since it’s in Scorpio and a malefic, there’s something hidden in my sister colleague’s head. Venus the ruler of the 8th house of death and 3rd house of siblings and communication. The same houses 3rd and 8th are involved whether it’s the radical or turned chart. The Sun conjuncts Pluto which is the modern significator for death or uncovering of something in the hospital.

I sincerely hope that I’m interpretating the chart incorrectly. I would like her colleague to live. God bless her.


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