Train to be a Teacher?

Conor asked whether it’s advisable to train as a secondary school teacher in Ireland. Here’s my thoughts:

He is represented by the Ascendant Leo and the ruler, the Sun. Sun is Sagittarius in 5th.

There’s no aspect between the Sun and Mars, nor between Moon and Mars. But, Mars applies to the Ascendant by square. So, there’s quite a lot of difficulty and challenges to be overcome if Conor would like to go down that route.

The Sun makes a trine to Uranus in the 10th without being frustrated, suggesting a radical change in career and future. I expected the Sun to make a final aspect by conjunction to Saturn. But apparently, there was no perfection as Saturn left Sagittarius. What a relief!

Most interestingly, there’s a stellium of planets in the 5th, suggesting children. Yes, he’s going to teach adolescents which are essential children, since they have not reached the legal age. The stellium is disposed by Jupiter which is a natural significator of education. Jupiter is kinda close to the part of fortune, which I suppose is where Conor finds his treasure. Jupiter is then disposed by Mars which is the significator of the 10th house of career – a teaching career in this case.

Conor’s very interested in the income of the teaching job. The 2nd is ruled by the Sun. So, it seems that there’s a radical change in his income (currently, he’s making very little). But it would be significantly lesser than his current profession too. However, fixed star Regulus is almost sitting on the cusp of the 2nd. Surely, there’s a good sign for Conor?

be a teacher in ireland

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