Different Types of Relationships in Different Countries

In my birth country, my natal ASC and DSC is Gemini and Sagittarius respectively. Gemini indicates a youngish person, constantly moving, talking and thinking. Sagittarius on the other hand indicates a middle age person, sometimes having a crisis. This described my relationship. I was the younger one, constantly wanting a variety of experiences and to communicate while my ex wasn’t like that at all, who’s focused on long-term plans and material security (my Jupiter conjuncts Saturn).

In Ireland, my relocated ASC and DSC is Capricorn and Cancer respectively. I have always felt or perceived that my partner as Cancerian even though there’s nothing significantly Cancerian in the natal chart. Interestingly, I do feel and think that my partner fits the Cancer DSC as reassurance and nurturing works wonder for the relationship, which wasn’t a feature in my previous ones.

The above is a very simple look at the effect of relocation on relationships. For a fuller picture, it’s necessary to consider planets in the relocated 7th, its ruler(s) and aspects to/from it. For example, in Mexico City, my relocated DSC is Taurus which is ruled by Venus. Not a “good” thing or definitely not relationships that I would prefer if given a choice. My natal Venus makes hard aspects to Neptune and Chiron which are extremely strong features in my relationship with a Mexican. Natal Venus also makes “soft” aspects to Pluto and Uranus, something that I have not experienced in my other relationships.

Relocation charts are fascinating isn’t it?


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