Will I Go Off with my Lover?


Mars and Moon sits on the 7th. Suggests an impulsive, sex’s-on-his-mind-all-the-time lover. Maybe a Latin lover. Mars rules turned 5th and turned 12th. Suggesting a hidden romance, sexual pleasure. But the foregoing could describe our querent too. Interestingly, Moon rules our querent and her 2nd house of money and possessions. Has the querent a monetary interest in the relationship? 

The querent is signified by the Moon. It is in its detriment in Capricorn and on the 7th. She’s probably not her usual self in this relationship, she’s vulnerable and ready to listen to her lover at the drop of a pin. In any case, the dynamics in a Moon – Saturn relationship is not the best unless adjustments are made on both parties. Despite feeling like a woman made in love, she has the ability to act as Moon is angular. Hence the question whether to run off with her lover. Interestingly, the 7th sign is cardinal, suggesting that it may not be permanent like a fixed sign.

Moon is frustrated from making a trine to Saturn by Mars. Saturn doesn’t make an applying sextile to the 1st. But, Mars on 7th could signify the lover who’s bold, aggressive and sexual. And the Moon is applying to Mars in about 1.5°! The querents looks like she’s going to run off with her lover after all!

Let’s look at the lover. He’s signified by Saturn in Taurus in 11th or turned 5th. He’s mature and slim. He’s after pleasure i.e. sex or a rolling good time. He’s not into commitment. He’s disposed by Venus, maybe his beautiful and charming wife? Both Venus and Saturn are in mutual reception and in the same degree. The wife is an important influence. Both stands to benefit from their marriage if they cooperate. The North Node is next to Venus. The lover might feel that his marriage with his wife is fated, it is one that offers growth for him and represents the future for him.

What happens after our querent has run off with her lover? Moon applies to Uranus by square. Urgh. Separation. Uranus is disposed by Venus which represents the wife and future. Is there a get-out-of-jail card? Is there any mutual reception between the Moon and Saturn? She’s in his sign and he’s in her sign of exaltation. The Moon puts him on a pedestal, a kind of inflated love with exaggerated expectations which isn’t sustainable in the long run. Surely, the mutual reception between Venus and Saturn is stuff of long-term relationships?


will i go off with my lover horary
Based on Olivia Barclay’s Horary Astrology Rediscovered

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