Will we Get Back Together?

The Headlines

Venus and Chiron are sitting on the angles. Chiron is the tighter one. Let’s start from here. Chiron, Pluto and Moon cluster on and around the 7th. The partner is emotionally hurt and feels abandoned, let down, perhaps by his parents. He’s going through a dark period in his life, even potentially depression.

Venus is in 12°. Looking around, Pluto, Mars, and Saturn are in 12° as well! What are the odds of that? Venus can’t be interpreted in isolation then. There was probably an event to fight for her partner who is also her best friend/her hopes and wishes (Venus sextile Mars), ending of love which is painful (Venus square Saturn), transformation of love which might be for the best (Venus sextile Pluto). Venus rules turned 12th. Something that is hidden, of self-undoing. Maybe the partner needed therapy especially given his sense of deep emotional woundedness.

The Analysis

Mercury, the querent, just left the group of planets in 12°. But it’s heading back there again by retrograde, perhaps to see if she can do anything regarding the separation/divorce from her partner.

Mercury and Jupiter – Mercury is retrograding to apply a sextile to Jupiter. Jupiter receives Mercury in its sign. But before the sextile can be perfected, Mercury meets Saturn and then the Sun. Mercury is frustrated in its attempt to reconcile with Jupiter. As if meeting Saturn is not enough, it has to burned by the Sun!

Moon and Jupiter – The Moon doesn’t make an applying aspect to Jupiter.

Jupiter aspects 1st – Jupiter doesn’t make an applying aspect to the Ascendant.

Judgment: It is unlikely that both of them will get back together.

P.S.: before or after addressing the headlines, it’s best to look at the significators in detail before looking at perfecting aspects.

will we get back together horary
Based on Wanda Sellar’s The Consultation Chart

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