Will my Wife Come Back to me?

Jupiter sits on the 10th. A middle aged person who might be going through mid-life transition. If it’s a person, that person could relate to career and a friend or the wife’s romance, children and home. Or an event involving the foregoing. This has a big impact on the outcome of the question.

Sun and Saturn – the wife (Sun) has separated from the husband (Saturn). The Sun doesn’t go retrograde. What about Moon and Saturn? The Moon doesn’t apply to Saturn by any aspect.

Moon is in the 9th. Is the querent overseas or receiving some legal advice? It separated from an opposition to Chiron, suggesting wounding, hurtful words or messages, especially given that it is disposed by Mercury. The Moon applies to Uranus next, significator of separation.

Unfortunately, it seems that the wife will not return.

We can examine the chart further. What is the wife doing? The wife is the Sun which is disposed by Mars in 7th. Mars suggests a bold, aggressive, rough man. There’s a man in the picture, perhaps the lover as mentioned earlier. There’s Venus in the 7th squared by Neptune in 11th or turned 5th. Maybe a fling or affair. A romantic affair.

Will my wife come back to me horary
Based on Olivia Barclay’s Horary Astrology Rediscovered

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