Evolution of a Person – Part 2

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progressed chart biwheel
Inner wheel is the natal chart while the outer wheel represents the progressed chart of Amelia

Progressed Ascendant

Amelia is an August baby. The progressed ASC moves slowly. It’s still in Virgo. It’s going to enter into the 2nd house soon. There’s a focus on stabilisation, building and consolidation of her resources including her talents. It’s applying towards p. Venus which was covered under Part 1.

Progressed MC

p. MC in Gemini suggests that Amelia is in a learning phase for her future aspiration and career. p. MC is ruled by Mercury which is in the 12th natally. As she’s in the medical field, you could say that she’s learning key skills relating to illnesses, drugs (e.g. anesthetics) in hospital settings. 

p. MC sextiles n. Mercury in 12th. This reinforces the message above. Mercury rules the 1st and 2nd. She might be waiting for news or contracts that boosts her income. Or she might be writing, which is a talent and gift of hers (since n. Mercury rules the 2nd) as part of her way to propel herself into her destined path. 

Progressed Sun

p. Sun has moved into Libra recently, about a year ago (Dec 2016). Usually, the year before that the shift into Libra i.e. Dec 2015 to Dec 2016 it is a time of making space for the future crops. So aspects of Amelia’s life that hasn’t worked for her are likely to be relinquished. Certainly, she could continue to hold on to the weeds and debris but she see it as a burden for the life direction that she’s heading towards.

p. Sun trines n. Saturn in 5th.  A time of hard work, discipline and responsibility as part of her self-expression and daily work routine in the health industry which may lead to accomplishment and reward. She may apply herself easily to limit herself in fun and pleasurable activities. She may revisit her decisions on children. 

Progressed Moon

Progressed Moon is in Aries and in the 8th house, the same sign and house as the natal Moon. Being independent and taking action in matters relating to other people’s money, big money items e.g. taxes, insurance, death and transformations including surgeries. It could also mean that emotionally, Amelia may feel any negative feelings, if she has any, very deeply and intensely. In horary astrology, when the Moon is in the 8th house, the person is usually feeling distressed and anxious.

Here’s the aspects made by the p.Moon to the natal chart. The feelings may be felt up to one month before and after the aspect perfects. There are quite a number of aspects but we will focus on the major aspects.

  • 2 Feb 2018: squares Uranus in 5th – Inner feelings of tension and possibly frustrating, desiring for a radical change in her ability to shine as an individual, being an expert and accomplished (Uranus co-rules Saturn in 5th) in daily work routine and/or health (Uranus co-rules 6th)
  • 28 May: squares Neptune in 5th – Driven to heal her patients in surgeries. Neptune symbolises anesthetics. She could be drugging patients into a stupor (Neptune co-rules 7th and 8th).
  • 28 Jul: squares North Node – a tension between between her feelings and a growth opportunity involving her self-identity. She’s driven emotionally towards a different kind of fun, pleasure or mode of self-expression
  • 2 Dec: conjunct Moon – an emotional return to the past. Over the next 27.3 years or so from 2 Dec, the progressed Moon will conjunct different parts of the natal chart, triggering memories of the past.

There are aspects that are traditionally considered as minor which are listed below but are not interpreted.

  • 13 Feb: sesquiquadrate Venus
  • 28 Mar: sesquiquadrate Jupiter
  • 27 Apr: sesquiquadrate MC
  • 5 Sep: quincunx Pluto
  • 14 Nov: sesquiquadrate Sun
  • 8 Dec: sesquiquadrate ASC

Progressed Mercury

This is going to be an important planet to focus on, in addition to progressed Sun, Moon and angles as it’s Amelia’s natal chart ruler.

p. Mercury has been in Virgo, its own sign for some time and inching towards the 2nd house. Amelia’s thinking and communication ability are likely to be in tip-top condition during this time. She’s been focusing on doing and acting on the plans and dreams that she might have when she’s a child (when Mercury was in the 12th house of preparation and dreams).

p. Mercury makes a semi-sextile to the natal Mercury. She may feel stressed over her approach to especially new beginnings in life. There’s a need to adjust her natural sense of confidence and joy in life (Mercury in Leo) with the craftsmanship, apprenticeship, strive towards excellent approach (p. Mercury in Virgo). It’s usual to feel unsure initially on what and how to adjust. 

Progressed Venus

p. Venus is smacked on natal Mercury. Natally, they are conjunct already. The progression is to tighten them up. Amelia’s mantra for this year might be “Love is communication. Communication is love”. Her love for learning and communicating heightens greatly this year which may mean investment (Mercury rules 2nd) to further her career (Mercury rules 10th).

Progressed Mars

Progressed Mars has been in Libra for some time now. Amelia gets what she wants by by considerate of the other person’s perspective. In a very subtle and hidden fashion as p. Mars is disposed by natal Venus in 12th.

p. Mars is going to make a square to North node in 5th. It suggests a moving from group oriented to a leadership position, having the limelight shine on her instead of her instinctive tendency to support the group’s agenda. 

Progressed Social and Outer Planets

There’s no aspects made by p. Jupiter and p. Saturn to the natal chart. p. Uranus is now direct and going towards natal Uranus. Uranus wants to shake things up quickly. Like a bolt of lighting. ASAP especially in her daily work life since n. Uranus rules the 6th. Otherwise, there could be an unexpected or sudden event relating to her work life or health, possibly from too much inner tension that’s building up with no outlet for release. Having said that, Amelia’s 5th house is rather busy. I wonder what’s her outlets for creative self-expression?

p. Chiron is making a semi-sextile to the natal ASC and quincunx to natal DSC. She could feel a sense of abandonment, isolation and woundedness relating to herself and her relationships. Using the archetypes of Chiron, I would suggest that she find a wise old soul that can “adopt” her and be a mentor to her. Also, to turn the areas that makes her difference to her strength and advantage. Chiron the centaur sacrificed himself for the greater good of mankind. Likewise, the sacrifices that she has made for her relationship will lead to a turning point for the relationship. 






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