Evolution of a Person – Part 1

A good way to get astrologers into a debate is to talk about the orbs that they use. Another possible way is their view on whether progressions or transits reflect the psychological shifts within a person. As mentioned in an earlier post, I believe that secondary progressions reflects the inner evolution of a person. But as with all things, the development of a person usually manifest outwardly. Hence, there’s certainly a connection between inner and outer events.

Let’s look at the progressed chart of a fictitious person from my imagination, Amelia, from an overall picture before we look at the nitty gitty details. The progressed chart is as at 4 January 2018. So, the description in this post and Part 2 will describe 2017 and 2018 using a 1° orb.

The Big Picture

Amelia is about 26 years old at the date of the progressed chart below. She’s born in August, the summer months so the progressed Ascendent moves slower than a Spring baby. That’s why the progressed ASC-DSC are still in the same sign as the natal’s. There’s a shift in her MC-IC axis though. Her ambitions and inner goals and her deep inner self have an overlay of flexibility and adaptability on top of its stability and staying power.

Natally, Amelia is rather earthy and fiery. You can say that she manifests her visions and aspirations. In fact, there’s no personal and social planets, ASC and MC in air. She might respond to the lack of air by overcompensation, projection, etc. In the progressed chart, however, there’s a shift towards air – Libran Sun and Mars and MC in Gemini. It’s almost as if she’s wearing a cloak of sociability and harmonious communication now on top of her usual confident discriminating self.

In terms of modality, the progressed Sun and Mars are in cardinal sign, adding further to the cardinal Moon. This gives Amelia the ability to jumpstart and initiate projects, start and experiment with new things on top of her natural adaptability and flexibility.

The stellium of planets in the 12th has dispersed in the progressed chart. Perhaps she’s less focused on a particular area in her life now and more of an “all-rounder” now due to life.

In the progressed chart, there’s an aspect that’s not found in the natal chart: Sun trine Saturn. She may find it easy to work hard, focus and concentrate to work on what she finds pleasurable. It’s almost as if she feels that her life direction and source of vitality is to accomplish and to reach the top of Mount Everest. She might do so by being absolutely clear of her talents and self-worth.

Another aspect that’s not found in the natal chart is Moon square Uranus. Impatience comes to my mind immediately. A feeling of wanting a radical change asap. Both progressed Uranus and Saturn above are in the natal 5th house. Self-identity is the theme here. Amelia wants to be somebody, to puff up her chest and draw attention to herself.

The easy natal trine between Moon and Venus is now a sesquiquadrate in the progressed chart. Relating to people generously, warmly may cause her some frustration and tension now. Progressed Moon and Venus are in the 8th and 12th natal house respectively. Death and surgeries in hospitals might be a source of inner conflict for her. She is advised to be patience and keep at it before she can move forward.

Mercury and Venus are in semi-sextile. Natally, they make a conjunction. She might feel a sense of discconnect between her expectations of life and her relationships which is not usual for her. She may be aware that some adjustments are required but unsure of what to do. As progressed Venus is in the natal 12th, she may operate in a subtle, hidden way or feel alone in love. As Amelia is in the medical field, the 12th house can be taken to represent hospitals and illnesses. Her compassion and sensitivity for patients doesn’t gel with her thoughts currently.

Read Part 2 for a detailed look at the progressed chart compared against the natal chart.

Natal chart Amelia
Natal chart of Amelia
Progressed Chart
Progressed Chart of Amelia


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