Yeaks! My Hair is Growing Too Quickly!

If I have a choice, I would go to a barber every 1.5 or even 2 months to have a haircut to save a few bob (money in Irish lingo). Yes, yes, I have tried to cut my own hair which I turned out to be extremely ugly, although I might try that again!

I had a haircut very recently. My hair grew like wildfire recently, even before Christmas. I am not happy about that. I checked the calendar on when I actually had the cut. It was 1 December, just before the full moon on 3 December when the moon was in Taurus. Taurus is a neutral sign when it comes to fertility.

So, my hair became unbearable before Christmas. So, my previous haircut lasted me about 3 weeks effectively (before I felt the urge to get a haircut). So, that’s not good. A good haircut is supposed to last me for at least 1.5 months before I feel the urge to get another one.

For folks who would like to visit their barber/hair stylists soon and would like their hair to grow quickly, here’s some dates for you in GMT:

  • Best dates: 20 Jan to very early morning of 22 Jan
  • Second best dates: 29 Jan to 30 Jan
  • Okay dates: any other date from 17 January to 30 Jan except 27 and 28 Jan

For those who would like to prolong the time between haircuts, here’s some dates for you in GMT:

  • Best dates: 4 Jan to 7 Jan
  • Second best dates: 8 to 9 Jan, 13 to 16 Jan
  • Okay dates but not the best: any other date from 2 Jan to 16 Jan

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