Where is Amy Fitzpatrick?

I was having my breakfast today and swiped through the screen for headlines. One caught my eye in particular, The disappearance of Amy Fitzpatrick: 10 years on and still no closer to finding out what happened.

Dublin girl, Amy went missing on the Costa Del Sol in Spain on New Year’s Day in 2008. She was 15 years old then. She left a friend’s home and hasn’t been seen since.

NOTE: take this post with huge bags of salt.

Amy is signified by the 1st, Jupiter and the Moon as the co-significator. The Ascendant and Jupiter reminds me of being overseas, although traditional astrology doesn’t quite work this way. I think Amy is adventurous and freedom loving. In the photo of the news, she looked very slim. As she’s represented by Jupiter in this chart, I think she has gained weight. Jupiter is in peregrine so she’s lost and directionless.

Very strikingly, she is next to Mars, a malefic. Even though Mars is in its own sign, it’s still a malefic, someone causing harm to Amy. Mars could represent a person, usually a bold, aggressive, determined or even sexual person. This person which could be a man has/had authority over her and is a friend or has money that Amy is/was interested in as Jupiter conjuncts the turned 2nd. Equally, Mars could be taken to represent Amy’s mother who is a friend to Amy and fights for her case as reported in the news. As Mars conjuncts Jupiter in about 2.5 degrees, the mother could find Amy in 2.5 years/months time or in a few days based on the ephemeris (unlikely since the mother has been looking for her for the past 10 years). Jupiter in Scorpio suggests that Amy is hidden. Some astrologers might take Scorpio to be representative of death.

Jupiter aspects Pluto in 1st. And most importantly, it is in the degree of the nodes. According to Barbara Watters, any planet in the degree of the Nodes is unfortunate. She calls it the degree of fatality.

Jupiter made a trine to Neptune which is disposed by the former. Neptune represents disappearance, vanishing which certainly describes Amy who couldn’t be found since 10 years ago. Jupiter applies to Pluto by sextile next, suggesting death, uncovering of what is hidden of herself, or ejection of her body.

Let’s look at the Moon. The Moon is nearly at the end of its sign. The situation is coming to its end. It’s unlikely that there’s going to be any new development. The Moon applies to Saturn next by an opposition. If Amy is alive, that could mean that her money has ran out as Saturn rules the 2nd. Or, it could be the death of the mother’s child as Saturn rules death and the turned 5th of the mother. Part of death conjuncts the turned 5th of the mother, reinforcing the message. As the Moon sits on the 7th, it’s key to locating Amy. The 7th represents relationships, legal cases and open enemies. Does Amy have a hidden sweetheart in a hospital or an enemy who’s in hiding or in a prison?

Let’s trace back the events relating to Amy’s disappearance using the Moon:

  • Opposition to Mercury in 12th – bad news or words/communication involving an enemy i.e. someone who objects to her and illness may be involved? (not sure if it’s depression). Or it involves the mother’s overseas trip (turned 9th) and her future, something that’s out in the public (turned 10th).
  • Sextile to Uranus in retrograde in 3rd – Tension and frustation. Wants/wanted freedom and independence leading to separation – running away from home.

Let’s look at the very very packed 1st house. There’s a stellium of planets there, all disposed by Saturn which rules Amy’s finances and her mother’s child e.g. Amy. Saturn is the traditional natural significator of death, controls a bunch of planets and is in the 1st house of Amy or her body.

I consulted the I Ching on whether Amy is still alive. It came back with hexagram 47 changing lines 1st and 6th, transforming to hexagram 1. Hexagram 47 is about difficulty and hardship. It’s name is exhaustion, adversity and weariness. The Chinese character of hexagram 47 is wood that’s confined in an enclosure. The wood can no longer grow. In the end it will become exhausted and die. The image conjures a coffin in my mind. The hexagram is lake above, water below. It is a picture of an empty lake as the water has been used up. I sincerely hope that Amy is not drowned in a river or swamp and swollen as a result.

1st changing line states: Buttocks, exahusted, on the stump of a tree. Entering into a gloomy valley. Three years, one does not appear. 6th changing line states: Exhausted with creeping vines, and also danger and perplexity. Saying, “Moving: regret.” The images above aren’t positive. You don’t need an astrologer to tell you that.

To sum up, I think Amy’s mother will locate Amy, whether alive or otherwise in either 2.5 years/months time where years seem more likely.


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