Saturn Return Charts

You probably know that Saturn returns occur at around 29.5 and 59.5 – 60 years old. But have you cast a saturn return chart, a concept that’s similar to solar and lunar return charts? A Saturn return chart can show the structure and the life that you are building, the support and challenges that you may encounter along the way. (more…)

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Saturn is About Celebrations!

I didn’t catch on to mythology, especially Liz Greene’s prolific use of myths in her books, when it comes to learning astrology. However, I was thoroughly impressed when I read that the Romans called Saturn Saturnus, known as the god of agriculture and harvest who founded civilization and the social order. The great feasts of Saturnalia is held annually in the winter. (more…)

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Sun in 3rd

I have a client who has Sun in 3rd. She retrained as a lawyer on her first Saturn return. Hearing from her, her work as a lawyer revolves around 3rd house matters – contracts, words, communication, writing, etc. She didn’t mention whether she does routine travel as part of her work.  (more…)

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Sun-Neptune Transit

This is a short transit maybe lasting 1 to 3 days. The Sun represents the self. When self comes into contact with Neptune, various things could “happen”. Neptune dissolves boundaries. The boundaries of the self are soften, allowing impressions from the environment to enter self. Depending on how a person is accustomed to the Neptunian energies, it could be a time of inspiration, increased sensitivity to all or any kinds of “vibes”, increased compassion, being more giving or confusion. (more…)

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