In a Limbo

I have used always progressed lunar phases in all forecasting, even if it’s a one second glance at the current phase of a person. What I haven’t been so diligent is the use of progressed Moon in natal houses. 

I was thinking about my progressed Moon. It’s in Gemini now I think. Oh wait. Gemini, so it’s probably in my 1st natal house now. Which means that it had been in the 12th house for about 2.5 years recently.

Oh my god. That’s why I felt that my accounting career was in the humdrum for the past few years. No recognition no nothing. Very tough time. I constantly felt undermined and that things were happening in the background. Now that makes perfect sense. The 12th after all is the house of secret enemies.

Hmmm, I am going to incorporate that as part of my regular techniques from now on.  Even if it’s just a one second look.

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