Sun-Mars Transit

Whoopee! The Sun is transiting opposite to my natal Mars today. I feel fantastic! Hyper-energetic! Definitely more energy than usual. I even went for a run willingly in the wintry weather (I’m lazy to go for runs during summers, so…). It’s amazing to feel a natural sense of energy and drive within me. I’m looking forward to other of such days now i.e. transiting Sun conjunct, opposition, square, trine and sextile Mars. You know what, I might even see if the “minor” aspects make a difference to my physical vitality!

Exploring the transit further, my natal Moon in 9th aspects Mars. So, I did quite a lot of astrological learning today. In fact, I went through seven relationship horary charts in Barclay’s Horary Astrology Rediscovered, practised a consultation chart, did a consultation, etc today.

Interestingly, natal Mars rules the 11th and 6th. I did talk to friends today (rather unusual or uncommon for me as I don’t catch up with them frequently) and worked quite a bit today, from all the learning.

There you go, it’s a ephemeral transit, lasting perhaps a day. But it’s a great energetic day for me!


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