Neptune-Venus – Be Careful Sailors…

For the strangest reason, I thought of sea nymphs or sirens when I was musing on a Neptune-Venus transit today. That’s really really weird as I can’t even remember when I came into contact with sea nymphs or sirens but it’s definitely in my memory.

Okay, apparently, I am to be corrected. According to Tales Beyond Belief (the pictures below are extracted from this website too),  the ancient Greek sea nymphs were minor goddesses. They come in a variety of types: Sirens, Mermaids, Nereids, and Oceanides. I have limited knowledge of Nereids and Oceanides. But mermaids fit into the symbolic meaning of Neptune and Venus! Interestingly, the story of the Little Mermaid does contain the story that what the prince saw i.e. a beautiful maiden is not he gets i.e. a ‘real’ human being.

Sirens are part woman and part bird beings who are supposed to lure sailors to destruction on the rocks where they lived. In the Greek mythology, Homer’s Odyssey, Odysseus is warned by Circle that he will pass by the island inhabited by the Sirens (sounds like a transit, progression, doesn’t it??). He ordered his crew to plug their ears so that they won’t fall prey to the Siren’s seductive and intoxicating songs. But he wanted to experience it first hand and commanded his crew to tie him up (hey, this reminds us of Saturn, doesn’t it) so that he wouldn’t lose himself to the Sirens. Look at the picture


And now, look at this lovely looking mermaid. How can a straight man or gay woman not be mystified and captivated by this gorgeous creature? Hmmm, I wonder how does Neptune-Mars transit or progression work out?

neptune-venus mermaid


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