First Foray into Consultation Charts

This is my first foray into a consultation chart based on Wanda Sellar’s The Consultation Chart. I looked at the chart below. Noted the Gemini Ascendant and the chart ruler is smacked on the 7th. I scratched my head. The client said that he didn’t have any specific questions or areas that he would like to explore. He would like something general.

Hmmm, I reiterated – Mercury is smacked on the 7th. It’s making a BIG BIG statement. What’s more, it is in its detriment. It has changed its character to adapt to the other person. Instead of being detailed, logical, Mr Shaw is experimental, adventurous, big picture, future oriented.

What had happened to Mr Shaw? It conjunct Venus previously, squared Chiron and trined Uranus. Which incidentally are all in the same degree… Tension, frustration, wound, vulnerability relating to love, relationship, a woman.

Mercury is in retrograde, about to station in a few days and turn direct. He’s been thinking very hard and can’t make a decision. He’s going direct in a few days. Will he catch up with Venus? No. Hmmm.

Mercury’s under the Sun beam. It’s weakened. It cannot see sense.

Mercury and Jupiter. There’s no aspect between them. Moon and Jupiter. There’s no applying aspect between them either. Mercury isn’t going to conjunct the 7th. But, it has spent so much time near the 7th, just about a degree away. Mercury is already with the person. Mercury is in the sign of Jupiter. Jupiter is so into Mr Shaw.

Mercury is in orb with Neptune in 11th. There’s some deception, deceit, behind the scenes, background. Maybe a friend is involved.

The Moon is in the 9th. His interest is communication from the other person (turned 3rd). Unless he’s into law, publishing, new experiences, education, travelling. The Moon is in the same degree as Uranus, Chiron and Venus. The same theme again.

Okay, I put all of the above aside and focused on transits, solar return, etc for the client.


Mr Shaw showed up and told me from the start of the consultation that he had a question – about this person he has his eyes on. There you go, the wonders of a consultation chart. Interestingly, the chart’s Descendant conjuncts his natal Venus…! (by 2 degrees).

Some words from Sellar: “Initial steps at delineation should first consider the ‘message’ of the rising sign. The rising sign will therefore be indicative of the main area of interest at the present time.” About a Gemini Ascendant, “There is a strong sense of duality which may bring conflict when making decisions. The client will often be in two minds when making decisions or torn in two different directions.”



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