Thoughts and Communication

Often times, when clients call me to make an appointment for an astrological consultation, I would ask them whether they would like to discuss anything. Quite a number of them say no. And then when they show up, they offload their burning questions to me.

I would then glare at their 3rd house. Almost inevitably, I would see some variant of Scorpio, Pluto and/or the 3rd house ruler in one of the water houses. Water houses tends to be hidden (12th), under the surface (8th) or unconscious (4th). When the 3rd house ruler is in one of them, their thoughts or words tend to have a hidden quality which can be uncovered. When Scorpio is the sign of the 3rd house cusp, it could mean a powerful or investigative style of communication. And possibly a preference to keep one thoughts to oneself. However, to get a complete picture, it’s best to consider the 3rd house ruler as well.



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